STKIT Shallow Water Anchor

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shallow water anchor

STKIT Shallow Water Anchor


  • The only manual operated telescoping 

 shallow water anchor system on the market.


  •  Mounts directly to your cable steer trolling 



  •  Extends to approximately 8 feet.


  •  Made from high quality 6061 Aluminum , Stainless Steel, and Fiberglass.


  •  Lightweight, weighs approximately 9 lbs.


  • Extremely durable, and works in fresh and Saltwater environments. UV Resistant


  •  Quiet and simple to use, fast deploy, built in wake absorption.


  •  No electric or hydraulics to worry with saves your battery. Maximize your fishing time!


  •  Allows you to control the front of the boat, where you are fishing.


  •                                                                                               Come out and see us at one of the shows we will have some units on hand.




 American Made. Manufactured by JDZ IND. L.L.C

U.S. PATENT # 8,943,990




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